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6 min readJan 26, 2022

There’s a police car chase. Immediately, Bob Parr’s in full Mr Incredible superhero costume. He uproots a tree and dislodges a lady’s cat. He swings the tree into the bad guys. A boy’s sitting in Bob’s car wanting to be his apprentice, but he’s ejected.

A purse-snatcher pulls a gun on Bob. Elastigirl disarms the thief from around the corner, then stretches away over rooftops.

A suicide jumper dives, but Bob intercepts him. A bomb detonates. Buddy appears. There’s a bomb attached to his boots. This destroys a bridge. Bob only just stops the train, him hanging off the front. Bob changes into a tuxedo. Elastigirl, aka Helen, and Bob are pronounced man and wife.

The jumper didn’t want saving. Many more superhero lawsuits follow, costing the government millions. The Superhero Relocation Program means the supers will be granted amnesty from responsibility for past actions if they remain hidden.

Fifteen years later

Bob discreetly tells an old lady how to successfully pursue her insurance claim. He’s told he’s approving too many claims.

Dash’s teacher accuses him of putting a tack on his chair. Since there’s no evidence, Helen and Dash leave the principal’s office. Helen urges the family to blend in.

Bob dents his car by accident. He breaks the car door, then the window falls out. He raises the car over his head but a boy is watching, his bubblegum slowly popping. Bob gently replaces the car.

Dash and sister Vi are squabbling. She throws a force field knocking Dash to the ground. Helen reaches her elastic arms to grab both children. They continue underneath the table. Bob lifts up everything, then Lucius, aka FroZone, arrives.

Police scanners tell of a fire nearby. Inside the burning building, holding victims, Bob smashes through the wall. FroZone freezes a cop and they leave. Mirage is discreetly watching.

Boss, Huph says Bob should help the stock holders of Insuricare, not the customers. Bob grabs Huph by the neck and hurls him through four walls.

Superhero representative Rick now has to pay to keep the company quiet, pay damages, erase memories and relocate Bob’s family again.

A tablet scans Bob’s face. It then scans the whole room before declaring it secure. Mirage has a top secret mission. Bob will receive triple his current annual salary. Mirage’s card emerges from the tablet which then self-destructs.

Bob must shut down the Omnidroid 9000 — a prototype, AI battle robot — without destroying it. The Omnidroid tears Bob’s clothes and throws him against a tree. It transforms into a ball and chases Bob, throwing rocks and producing spikes.

The Omnidroid pushes Bob backwards toward some lava. He dodges and throws it in, putting his back out. The Omnidroid stretches Bob from both ends, mending his bad back, and throwing him about.

Bob fights his way inside and the Omnidroid attacks itself, soon keeling over. Through a mechanical parrot’s eye, Buddy’s watching.

Bob’s frisky with Helen. He buys a new car, secretly working out using trains. Bob meets supers fashion designer E, a tiny, bossy woman, who calls everyone “darling”. She demands to be immediately asked to make a new suit.

Helen finds Mirage’s hair on Bob’s clothes. Soon, Bob’s flown to Nomanisan Island in style, accessing an underground docking bay. Mirage and Bob travel through a manmade waterfall.

Suddenly, Bob’s attacked by a bigger Omnidroid. Buddy’s been perfecting this for ages, sacrificing superheroes for training. Bob throws a tree at Buddy while he’s monologuing. Buddy holds Bob in zero point energy. Buddy’s now called Syndrome.

Bob recovers in a submerged cave where he finds Gazerbeam’s corpse and the word “Kronos”. A probe scans the cave, telling Syndrome Mr Incredible is terminated.

Helen visits E, puzzled about Bob. E types in a code, has her hand scanned, gives a retinal scan and speaks clearly the words “Edna Mode”. Edna adds “and guest” and the new gun pointed at Helen disappears.

Jack-Jack’s new suit is roomy, with fabric comfortable for sensitive skin. It withstands temperatures of over 1,000°. It’s completely bulletproof and machine washable.

Dash’s suit withstands enormous friction without heating up or wearing out. Vi’s is made of sturdy material that will disappear completely. Helen’s suit can stretch as far as she can. It’s indestructible, yet breathes like Egyptian cotton. Each suit contains a homing device.

Bob sneaks through a huge wall of lava. A panoramic screen wants a password. Bob types Kronos. He watches as fellow supers are listed as terminated. Whenever a super wins, the prototype Omnidroid is tweaked.

Helen activates Bob’s homing device. His suit then flashes. Guns fire sticky, black, expanding balls at him. Syndrome has Bob bound by electricity. He wants to know who Bob contacted. A surge of painful electricity hits Bob. Syndrome shows contempt for Mirage. A government plane is approaching the island.

Vi and Dash confess to having snuck aboard. With rockets headed for them, Helen wants Vi to protect them with a force field. The jet explodes.

Helen stretches around the children. She changes into a parachute, then a boat — Dash rapidly paddling. Helen says their Dad’s in trouble. They can use their powers.

Helen enters the compound. She gets her leg caught in a door. The guard she’s following opens a second door further up.

She goes after this guard for the key card, but the second door closes, trapping her chest and head. Up ahead, the guard joins an elevator where his buddy sees Helen’s head and chest, raising the alarm.

She quickly attacks these two. But, one of them traps her arm in the elevator doors. A guard notices Helen’s leg still trapped in the first door. Helen’s midriff clothes-lines two guards on the monorail between doors one and two.

The guard prods Helen’s leg. She kicks him, which causes his gun to shoot the door lock, opening the first door. The two clothes-lined guards are knocked out as her leg snaps back to her as far as her chest, still trapped in the second door.

She uses one stretched hand to get the key card and open the elevator doors. She uses this card to finally free her chest from having been trapped in the second door.

Syndrome’s Omnidroid is headed for Metroville. Flames tumble down the tunnel towards Dash and Vi who escape. Dash triggers a mechanical parrot. A loud intruder alert sound begins.

Mirage releases Bob saying his family’s on the island. Helen appears. Mirage introduces herself but is floored by a fist coming from Helen. Bob pulls Helen towards him and kisses her.

Armed guards appear to get Vi and Dash. He swings onto a flying saucer, then jumps off before it explodes against a wall. Two other saucers collide and also explode.

A guard shoots at Dash, but Vi puts a force field around them, both surprised. Dash runs inside it. They run into Bob and Helen. Syndrome then holds them all with zero point energy and the family is bound with electricity. He wants to create Armageddon in Metroville, then himself save the day. Vi escapes, then frees her family. Mirage offers to help.

In Metroville, Syndrome saves a baby from a flying bus. Cunningly, his remote makes a leg fall off the Omnidroid, which turns on him. Vi then protects Dash with a force field and Bob prevents Vi being squashed. FroZone arrives, skating on a sheet of ice. Bob finds Syndrome’s remote control and another leg falls off the Omnidroid.

Helen destroys its guns. It splashes heavily in a pond to create a wave that FroZone turns to ice. This causes Dash to drop the remote. The Omnidroid traps Bob inside a claw. FroZone’s ice makes it slip. Helen stretches into a barrier sending the Omnidroid crashing to the floor. Vi invisibly collects the remote.

Bob realises the machine’s only weakness is itself. The others are pressing random buttons, realising Bob’s idea could work. The claw Bob has spins and ignites. He aims this at the robot. The claw launches through the Omnidroid which then explodes. Bystanders applaud the supers. Rick says the country is indebted.

Sadly, Syndrome has Jack-Jack and takes him up to his plane. Jack-Jack bursts into flames, changing into solid lead. The baby attacks Syndrome. Bob throws Helen up to fetch her son, she transforms into a parachute as they both fall.

Syndrome’s cape gets caught in an engine and the aircraft explodes. Debris falls on the family, but Vi throws her biggest force field yet. The boy on the trike watching shouts that that was totally wicked.

Three months later

Metroville Stadium. Elementary School City Track Finals.

Violet arranges a date with the popular Tony Rydinger and Dash intentionally comes in a close second in his race.

A big corkscrew appears from the ground and the Underminer makes threats. Bob’s family already have on their masks. Bob tears open his shirt…

Starring Craig T Nelson. Samuel L Jackson. Holly Hunter. Rated U. Dir Brad Bird. Released in the UK 2004. Runtime 1hr 55mins




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