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After a deadly car chase by Lake Garda with an Alfa Romeo, Bond’s beaten-up Aston Martin DBS arrives in Siena, Italy. Bond gets Mr White from the boot.

Bond promised the Americans Le Chiffre and they got Le Chiffre. M says only his body. M says Vesper Lynd’s boyfriend, Yusef Kabira’s body was found in Ibiza, only it’s not Yusef.

M warns White that he isn’t in Britain and can be moved again, urging him to expose his employer. White says Quantum has people everywhere, gesturing to M’s personal bodyguard, Mitchell.

Mitchell shoots an MI6 agent, then shoots at M. White is somehow hit, but Mitchell runs. Bond chases him down stone, submerged corridors and other collapsing tunnels.

Mitchell shoots someone, then climbs up to the roof. Both men on scaffolding, Bond is suspended by his foot inches from his gun on the floor. Bond reaches it, kills Mitchell, then discovers White’s vanished.

Tanner says Craig Mitchell, forty five years old. No living family. Gave generously to charity. He had less than one hundred pounds — about the same in euros and dollars.

A banknote from Mitchell’s wallet is placed on a large, table-top touchscreen. MI6 introduced tagged bills into LeChiffre’s money-laundering operation by intercepting illegal payoffs.

The bills were recently scanned at a bank in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in the account of Edmund Slate. Bond goes there, kills Slate and takes the room keys.

Bond claims the briefcase left at concierge, then Camille Montes makes him get in her car. Bond denies Dominic Greene gave him any trouble.

In Slate’s case, there’s a photo of Camille and a handgun. Camille attempts shooting Bond and he leaves the car. He then steals a motorbike and follows her.

Camille goes to the docks and accuses Greene of wanting her dead. She claims she was uncovering a leak for him. Greene says it’s unattractive to talk to him like he’s stupid.

Soon, General Medrano’s impressed by Greene’s organisation, Quantum. Greene gives Haiti as an example. An elected priest raised minimum wage in Haiti from 38c to $1 a day.

Fashion companies owning sweat shops there got upset and called Quantum to facilitate a change. The Bolivian government is already being destabilised and Quantum will supply the private security.

They’ll bribe the right officials. There are already twenty six countries ready to officially recognise Medrano’s new Bolivian government. Medrano gets his country back within the week.

In return, Greene wants a particular desert, providing Ernesto Montes’ daughter, Camille, to sweeten the deal - provided Medrano throw her over the side afterwards.

Camille’s led onto Medrano’s boat which then departs. Having stolen a boat, Bond crashes into Medrano’s boat and snatches Camille, but she hits Bond in the face. Machine gunfire comes from Medrano’s security.

With two boats chasing, Bond drives into one of them, causing explosions. Using an anchor, the boat following leaps into the air. Bond explains that an unconscious Camille is seasick and offloads her at a hotel.

In a jeep, Bond requests a name-check for “Dominic Greene”. Greene’s CEO of Greene Planet, a utility company. He’s bought up large tracts of land for ecological preserves.

M calls the Americans about Greene. Head of the CIA’s South American section, Gregory Beam, says the CIA have no interest in Greene. M sees through this statement. Bond checks Greene’s tail number.

It’s a private charter going to Bregenz, Austria, leaving immediately. M authorises one for 007. Greene’s welcomed aboard by Beam and Felix Leiter. The CIA promise not to interfere with a coup in Bolivia. In exchange, the new government will give America the lease to any oil.

There’s a lavish production of Tosca. Goody bags are distributed. Members of Quantum are given different ones. Bond violently, yet discreetly, acquires one of these. Inside is a small, silver Q and an earpiece.

Bond goes backstage where he can watch the audience. Someone asks how much more pipeline they need. Greene says two thousand kilometres, soon transferring funds from their Siberian holdings.

Bond says he thinks Quantum should find a better meeting place. Some members start leaving their seats. Bond photographs them, sending the images to M.

Bond’s being shot at, but soon, he’s interrogating someone. The man falls stories onto Greene’s car. Greene only shields his face, ordering that the unknown man be killed.

Tanner says the pictures include Gregor Karakov, a former minister who owns most of the mines in Siberia. Moishe Soref, former Mossad, now telecom giant and Guy Haines, special envoy to the Prime Minister.

M needs Bond to come in and debrief because the man he’s accused of shooting and throwing off the roof was a member of Special Branch. M cancels Bond’s credit cards and puts alerts on his passports.

Nevertheless, Bond visits Rene Mathis in Talamone, Italy. Bond needs a passport and matching credit cards. He shows Mathis the opera photos and Mathis accompanies Bond to Bolivia.

On the way there, Bond’s up late, drinking alone. He has Vesper’s Love Knot necklace and a photo of her with Yusef. Mathis asks what Bond’s drinking.

The bartender says three measures of Gordon’s gin, one of vodka, half of Kina Lillet, not Vermouth, shaken well until it’s ice cold, served with a large, thin slice of lemon peel. Bond has comfortably had six.

At La Paz, Bolivia, sexy consulate official, Strawberry Fields, meets Bond and Mathis. She’s been told to put Bond on the first flight back to London, which leaves in the morning.

That night, at the Greene Planet, Eco Park charity fundraiser, the clientele is sleek with first-class canapés and a live DJ. Greene announces that the Tierra Project will rejuvenate an unstable world.

Greene schmoozes wealthy investors until Camille appears. She wants Greene to discuss the land he bought outside Potosi. The logging rights went to a multinational corporation that cut down the forests.

But, only after Bolivia’s last government sold the land to Greene Planet. Greene intimates that Camille just cost him a lot of money. Bond conversationally rescues Camille.

Bond and Camille drive away, but are soon pulled over. Two police find Mathis unconscious in the back. In self-defence, Bond kills both policemen. Mathis’ last words are a request that Bond forgive Vesper, and himself.

Bond trades the car for a plane. He understands Camille is Bolivian Secret Service. A fighter plane attacks them. Bond’s engine smokes and sputters, but he outsmarts his pursuers.

After having parachuted into a sink hole, Camille tells Bond Medrano shot her father, then abused and killed her mother and sister while Camille watched. Medrano then smiled and set the house on fire.

Camille waited years for the chance to kill Medrano, but then Bond pulled her off the boat. Bond apologises. He finds an underground reservoir and figures Greene’s creating a drought, so he’ll have the monopoly on the water supply.

Back at the hotel, Bond finds M. He asks how much oil the Americans promised her. M says it’s about trust. Bond says he’s motivated by his duty.

M thinks Bond’s so blinded by inconsolable rage that he doesn’t care who he hurts. Fields is lying naked on the bed, covered in crude oil, her lungs full of it.

M removes Bond from duty and suspends him. Bond then overpowers three men in a lift and learns there’s a capture or kill order out on him. M tells Tanner Bond’s onto something.

Bond warns friend, Felix, that Greene’s gonna leave the CIA red-faced by exploiting Bolivia and moving on. Felix says Medrano can’t move until he pays off the army and the police colonel.

Greene’s bringing the money to a hotel called La Perla de las Dunas in the Atacama Desert. There’s gunfire from the Special Activities Division and Bond vaults the bar, successfully then escaping.

At the hotel, eating an apple, Greene greets the police colonel and Medrano. The colonel accepts his payoff and leaves. Greene threatens Medrano, who then signs very one-sided documents.

Bond kills the colonel and shoots other officers from under a car. Camille shoots Medrano’s guards. Medrano stops raping a waitress and pounces on Camille, slapping her and throwing her on the bed.

Bond’s on a glass roof shooting at Greene. The glass shatters and Greene attacks Bond with an axe. Medrano licks Camille’s face. She fends him off and slashes him with broken glass.

Greene accidentally sinks the axe into his own foot and Bond catches him, suspending Greene by his hair. Bond runs through burning and exploding corridors and finds Camille very shaken after having just killed Medrano.

Bond shoots a fuel cell which blows out the entire wall. He then learns about Quantum from Greene, and drives him deep into the desert. Bond throws a small can of oil at Greene’s feet.

Kazan, Russia.

It’s dark and snowing. A happy couple arrives home. Bond ambushes them. The woman’s Corrine, with Canadian intelligence. Bond predicts Yusef’s life will somehow be threatened and, because she loves him, Corrine won’t hesitate to reveal secrets to save him.

Bond mentions her beautiful necklace. Bond has one identical. Yusef gave it to Bond’s close friend, Vesper. Bond suggests Corrine leave and tell her people to check their seals.

Outside, M’s surprised Bond spared Yusef’s life, pleased that Bond found what he was looking for. Greene was found dead in the Bolivian desert. Two bullets in his skull and motor oil in his stomach.

Felix has been promoted, replacing Beam. Bond congratulates M, her having been right about Vesper. M says she needs Bond back. He says he never left, dropping the Love Knot necklace in the snow.

Starring Daniel Craig. Olga Kurylenko. Mathieu Amalric. Rated 12A. Dir Marc Forster. Released in the UK 2008. Runtime 1hr 46mins




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