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Roxy Robinson the Weasel is trying to outrun four armed men. They soon have him cornered, establish who he works for and open fire with splurge guns. They click their heels as they walk away.

Bugsy Malone knocks on a wall of books and greets Jelly through a peephole. Bugsy passes a book with cash through and the wall slides open.

It’s Fat Sam Stacetto’s Speakeasy. Roxy was one of Sam’s best men. His men are a disgrace to the profession of hoodlum and to Sam. They agree it’s Dandy Dan’s fault. Sam says they should never mention that name in his office.

Outside, the janitor, Fizzy, empathises with Blousey, who’s been told to return the next day. Fizzy’s been told the same thing for months. He says he’s the greatest tap-dancer on Earth.

Later, Bugsy collides with Blousey, spilling her things on the floor. She has a baseball bat for protection. He makes jokes about her name Blousey Brown. He introduces himself.

Gunmen burst in and spray the room with splurge but no-one’s hurt. Sam calls it “a little excitement”. His place is still the liveliest joint in town. Discreetly, Sam tells Knuckles this means trouble.

A man in the barber’s chair gets splurged. Men armed with splurge guns come crashing through a restaurant’s windows, filling the place with splurge.

Fizzy sings to himself about constantly being told to wait. He unwraps his tap-shoes and Velma starts dancing in the deserted restaurant.

It’s 1.30am and Bugsy and Blousey are the last two people eating at Ferrara’s restaurant. Blousey will try the Bijou Theatre the next day. Blousey ultimately wants to be a Hollywood movie star.

Bugsy’s a talent scout for boxers. When Blousey asks how Bugsy’s gonna pay the bill, he says he’ll think of something. The waitress says the place is closing. Bugsy goes into a phone booth and tells the operator to test the line.

Bugsy attempts to settle up their massive order when the phone rings and the waitress goes to answer it. Bugsy locks her in the booth using a broom-handle and the couple runs off.

Cars arrive at a stately home. Dandy Dan dismounts his horse and is told he has guests. Dandy Dan tells butler, Johnson, to show them into the conservatory.

Blousey prepares to sing, when she’s interrupted. A small woman with a high-pitched voice arrives, telling Oscar, the director, that she’ll give him one last chance. She should always be treated like a star.

Blousey complains that she’s been walking the streets of New York for six months now with no luck. Bugsy says he knows Fat Sam. He’ll put in a good word for her.

Dandy Dan trims fresh flowers and hands them out to his men, except Doodle. He shakes their hands, again ignoring Doodle. Doodle complains and a butler presents Dan with a tray of pies.

Doodle dropped a gun at a hit and Dan doesn’t allow mistakes. Doodle says the gun slipped. The roomful of gangsters throws pies at Doodle.

Sam thinks they’re being outsmarted by Dandy Dan. Sam throws a pie at Louis, but Louis ducks. Sam says this proves their hardware is outdated. What they need is splurge guns.

Sam gets tipped-off about where Dan stashes his guns. Everyone but Knuckles is sent there. Sam’s men arrive at the laundry, but it’s an ambush. Dan’s men appear and splurge all of Sam’s men. When Sam finds out, he decides to act like everything’s normal.

Bugsy asks Tallulah if Sam’s about. They sit down and catch up. Tallulah kisses Bugsy on the forehead, leaving red lipstick, and Blousey gets jealous. Blousey goes to Sam’s office and secures an audition. Soon, she’s hired.

Sam has life-size cut-outs of gangsters silhouetted on his windows. Sam’s arranged for help from specialist Looney Bergonzi. Sam wants a meeting with Dandy Dan.

Looney will hide in the back seat with Sam, but Knuckles can’t drive. Sam offers Bugsy job of driver. Bugsy accepts the job. Sam assumes the flowers Bugsy has are for him and thanks him in Italian, hugging him.

At Dan’s house, there’s a string quartet playing. Dan’s called to the phone. Sam wants to meet. Dan stipulates just Sam and a driver. They agree to meet Monday at 11am.

At the meet, Bugsy sees Dan approaching. Looney, with pies, gets down. The meet quickly descends into angry name-calling. Sam shouts to Looney to “let him have it”. Then, Dan’s men appear. Looney says “freeze,” but Dan’s men open fire on him.

Bugsy diverts the gunmen, then quickly drives away. He swerves to avoid a fence. Dan’s driver goes through the fence and into a lake. Sam’s very pleased. He peels off some cash and suggests Bugsy buy a new suit.

In the female dressing room, Blousey’s dreaming of her big break in Hollywood. Bugsy calls and says he’s just made $200. He also has Sam’s sedan for the afternoon.

Soon, they’re in the countryside and fishing together. Bugsy gets them hotdogs and presents Blousey with a viewer containing pictures of Hollywood movie stars. Bugsy says he’s buying them tickets to Hollywood. Blousey’s overjoyed.

Unfortunately, Bugsy’s mugged and his money’s stolen. Bugsy thanks Leroy Smith, a passer-by who saved him. Bugsy’s never seen anyone punch so well. He says Leroy’s got himself a manager.

The police arrive at the forest. They make a plaster cast of a tyre track. One cop slips on a pie and the plaster goes all over Capt Smolsky. He’s encased neck down in plaster. His officers will break him out at HQ.

Bugsy introduces the next Heavyweight Champion, Leroy Smith, to Cagey Joe. Bugsy says he’s a born champion. Soon, Leroy’s in the ring. He floors his opponent with one punch.

In a warehouse, Sam’s attempt at a splurge gun is mounted on a tripod. Knuckles winds up the contraption which explodes. He lies dead, covered in splurge. Sam blames Dandy Dan. Sam then learns his sarsaparilla racket and his grocery racket are finished.

Bugsy returns to his apartment. He hears something inside, rushes in and trips over a case and Tallulah lifts the blind. She says Sam wants a word.

Fizzy’s mopping the floor and whistling. Fat Sam says it makes him edgy. He attacks the bartender for criticising his flower, then slips on Fizzy’s wet floor.

Tallulah appears with Bugsy Malone. Sam says Dandy Dan’s breathing down his neck and could take over his entire organisation, including the Speakeasy. Sam tells Bugsy he needs his help. Bugsy’s no mug. Bugsy initially declines. Sam then peels off $400 asking if they have a deal.

Tallulah takes a call from Blousey. Blousey asks what Bugsy’s doing there, suspecting he’s with Tallulah. Blousey asks about the tickets. Bugsy hasn’t got them yet, there’s something else he’s gotta do first.

Bugsy’s hiding in bushes with Leroy at Dandy Dan’s mansion. They see crates saying Splurge Imports Incorporated. Dock seventeen. East River. Dan’s guards are dressed in baseball gear, armed with bats.

At the dock, there are guards on the door, on the roof and on the pier. Even so, Bugsy thinks there must be a way. They walk off saying they need an army. They pass a soup kitchen filled with down and outs. Bugsy and Leroy convince these men they’re useful. Soon, everyone’s with Bugsy.

The gang arrives at the factory. A baseball bat is passed all the way along to Baby Face. Baby Face puts on his flat cap and tells himself he’s a big movie star now. He takes the bat and yells a war cry and hits a guard on the head. He runs and all the guards chase him. He leads them through a warehouse.

After he escapes the other side, both gates are closed and secured, the guards trapped inside. Bugsy and his men open up all the crates. Splurge guns are put in sacks.

Meanwhile, Dan’s readying his troops. It’s the caper that’s gonna take the lid off City Hall. It’s gotta be good, it’s gotta be neat, and it’s gotta be quick. They’re expecting only Fat Sam and some dance hall girls.

At Fat Sam’s, splurge guns and custard pies are distributed and hidden. Everyone’s dressed in tuxedoes. Baby Face tells them Dan and his gang have arrived.

Dan leads them in, shouting “freeze”. Sam then shouts “let them have it”. Everybody pulls out a splurge gun and fires at the other. Lots of people are hit in the face with splurge.

Fizzy pokes out his head and gets hit. The whole room descends into a splurge chaos. The pianist is hit and plays a chord.

Everybody slowly takes their seats. The pianist starts singing they could’ve been anything that they wanted to be. Other musicians then join in. A priest convinces two disagreeing men to throw down their weapons. Everybody dances and Bugsy and Blousey run out to their waiting sedan.

Starring Jodie Foster. Scott Baio. Florence Garland. Rated U. Dir Alan Parker. Released in the UK 1976. Runtime 1hr 33mins




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